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Past 15 years ago, I know very little about programming. I started to explore web programming language such as HTML, CSS and very little of JavaScript.

During that time, I rely on some limited article, training module and also from book to improve my skill.

In this current article, I would share some learning from my past experience in joining iPrice Group as Software Engineer. …

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I am starting a new series call #LearningFromExperience. In this series, I will share some of best practice, solution or any idea that I found during my day to day work.

This series also dedicated as a sharing area for me to learn from other developers, whether I did the right approach or maybe I can do some of other improvement in some area.

In this first post, I will share my recent experience to deal with the database in Laravel.

Don’t Forget to Index the Table

Indexes are a common way to enhance database performance. An index allows the database server to find and retrieve…


AB Testing merupakan salah satu metode untuk menentukan varian mana yang memberikan hasil yang terbaik, atau biasa juga disebut split testing atau bucket testing. Lebih lanjut mengenai AB Testing bisa membaca melalui tautan ini. Pada AB Testing akan ada dua varian yang akan diuji, sehingga didapatkan varian mana yang akan menjadi winning solution.

Sekilas Tentang AMP

AMP merupakan proyek open source yang ditujukan untuk membuat sebuah halaman website dapat diakses secara cepat tanpa mengganggu user experience pada sebuah website.

Improve user engagement with fast, compelling experiences.

Slogan di atas merupakan tujuan utama dari adanya AMP, yaitu website jadi semakin cepat diakses, dan meningkatkan…

Bilhasry Ramadhony

Writing is a part of my hobby. I am software engineer at

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